Smooth caramel flavors without the jolt caffeine. The Two Ocean Roast is satisfyingly sweet. Crafted from Peruvian beans, this enticing decaf coffee is exquisite with a bright start and satisfying acidity.


All Cody Coffee roasts are Fair Trade, Organic, Small Batch and High Altitude Roasted right in Cody, Wyoming.


Cody Coffee is located in one of the most beautiful and remote areas in the United States. Each of our roasts pays tribute to some of Northwest Wyoming's most iconic sights.


Two Oceans Creek

440228°N, 1101003°W (At the pass)

Teton Wilderness + Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming


Fun Fact: Two Ocean Creek is the only one in the Continental United States that breaks and ends up in two different oceans.

Two Ocean - Swiss Water Decaf FTO Peru

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