Cody Coffee Roaster

3001 Duggleby Dr

The Station by Cody Coffee

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Cody Coffee YRA

2101 Roger Sedam Dr



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7 Days





Tel: (307) 224-3443


Born out of curiosity and a peanut roaster.

Humble beginnings, indeed.

Cody Coffee Roaster’s journey to being the Yellowstone area’s premier high altitude coffee roaster and cafe started simply enough.  Jesse Renfors wanted a new hobby to keep him busy as a stay at home dad. An experienced restaurateur and coffee fan, he decided to start roasting coffee beans at home - in a secondhand peanut roaster.  


Jesse started sharing his coffee with friends.  As word of the best coffee beans in town spread, Jesse found himself delivering beans via bike - children and coffee in tow.  Demand grew, and Jesse found a camper that he converted into a roasting room dubbed the Roast Coach.


Cody Coffee Roaster opened in our current location in June, 2016.


Today, our founder’s journey has taken him from roasting that first batch of beans in his kitchen to owning a business that serves as the morning gathering place for a community combined with a premium coffee roasting facility. Our roaster provides delicious coffee to customers nationwide, including other coffee shops, home brewers, high-end hotels, and retailers.


Our beans are Single Origin, Fair Trade and Organic.  We roast these beans in small batches at high altitude, creating a smooth, consistent roast using less heat.


Our cafe is a place of gathering, good conversation, and delicious food.  We roast our coffee in the center of the cafe, creating a warm aroma. We handcraft fresh crepes to order, and our highly-trained baristas meticulously construct a wide variety of delicious drinks.


Please stop by and check us out.  We look forward to seeing you in our cafe and sharing our love of small batch coffee and food.  


It's all in the family