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Sunlight Basin Sumatra a dark roast coffee an exotic coffee from the far east with a well developed taste profile to its potentiel.  As exotic as its remote picturesque Rocky Mountain name, as inspirational too.


Aroma of floral, cocoa and baking spice.

Mouth with boldness, no corners here, some chocolate notes, bittersweet, earthy, walnuts.  Just right for brewing on the camp fire and drinking looking to the 12,000 foot mountains all around


All Cody Coffee Roasts are Fair Trade, Organic, Small Batch and High Altitude Roasted right in Cody, Wyoming.


Cody Coffee is located in one of the most beautiful and remote areas in the United States. Each of our roasts pays tribute to some of Northwest Wyoming's most iconic sights.


Beartooth/Absoroka Range Wyoming

Shoshone National Forest

Lat: 44N 45' 00" , Long 109W 30' 20"

Sunlight Basin Sumatra - Dark Roast

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