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A medium roast blend that is lighter with distinct tastes of citrus, floral, nutty  and bittersweet as Spirit Mountain is the gateway to the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and the Absaroka Mountains to the west as to darker roasts.


Also called Cedar Mountain with climbing, hiking and mountaineering.  Elevation 7890ft, just west of Cody with acsess from the south or the top.  This peak has a massive cavern system beneath it.  The steam rising out of the caverns centurys ago and the native american peoples living here thought it was the mountain spirit or the little people living in the mountain (weirdest) gives some origin to the name.  


All Cody Coffee Roasts are Fair Trade, Organic, Small Batch and High Altitude Roasted right in Cody, Wyoming.


Cody Coffee is located in one of the most beautiful and remote areas in the United States. Each of our roasts pays tribute to some of Northwest Wyoming's most iconic sights.

Spirit Mountain Blend - Ethiopian, Colombia, Nicaragua

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