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Coffee Journey from the Beginning

First Baby Step - Buying 2, not one, coffee shops one with a coffee roaster in a rural community, 120 miles from the nearest Interstate, the unknown or more like the Twilight Zone a year now.

Certainly enjoying coffee for decades is good enough expertise to do this. The stats are in my favor of course, coffee a 200 billion dollar a year industry with a growth rate of 4% a year seems lucriative and easy. Wrong, this has been quite an endeavor with so much more to know and learn, both about coffee and business. Writing this Blog to help inform and educate about all aspects of coffee is a start and part of self mastery.

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Jill Mcnamara
Jill Mcnamara
Jul 22, 2023

looks like you made it beyond this initial blog…way to go…bravo and kudos! Love the Cody coffee, we have purchased much… the bag, by the cup! Keep it up, this is good MOJO

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