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Blacktooth Peaberry a Single Origin, Organic Fair Trade Coffee from Antigua Guatemala that is roasted dark for the best taste development.  Peaberry is an unique coffee bean that grows as a single, instead of as a twin double, round with no flat side like other coffee beans.  Peaberry roasts different due to its shape, but to get the best developed taste we roast it Dark.  An interesting smooth, no corners coffee with excellent flavor.  Worth A Try!


Blacktooth Peak; 44.40280"N/107.175"W

In the Bighorn Mountains a 13,000 footer, at  13,008 ft is the 31st tallest peak in Wyoming and the secound tallest in the Bighorns next to Cloud Peak.

Blacktooth Peaberry - Single Origin - Antigua Guatemala - Dark Roast

1 Pound
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